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DanceMotion Performance Company
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3141 E Beardsley Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85050, USA
(602) 971-9170
About studio
DanceMotion is one of the Phoenix, Arizona's premiere youth dance companies. Founded in 1987, and based out of Bender Performing Arts, DanceMotion was originally created to help provide opportunities for young dancers to train and excel beyond the recreational level of dance, and to share that talent with the community. Over the past 30 years the organization has grown and evolved, with an emphasis on both the total development of the dancers, as well as a commitment to providing high quality arts and education to the community. DanceMotion has over 130 current dancers, ages 7 though 19, and over 600 alumni. The dancers are an exceptional group, defined not only by their talent and love of dance, but by the joy they get from sharing their art with others and giving back to the community. DanceMotion produces three professionally-stage shows each year, with most being performed at the historic Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix. Each of these performances serves a unique purpose and value to both the DanceMotion membership and the community. All of the performances allow the dancers to develop their skills by participating in high quality productions at professional level facilities, but that is just the foundation. The performances also serve as opportunities to perform for underprivileged children, raise funds for local youth-oriented charities and to work in coordination with other dance studios and youth organizations to provide performance and educational opportunities. One of the things that separates DanceMotion from other performing companies is our non-profit 501(c)3 status. This is a designation we take seriously, and is a cornerstone of our philosophy and operations. A significant portion of our programming and activities are dedicated to outreach performances and educational programs for underprivileged children. Each year DanceMotion teaches dance classes at underprivileged schools, produces a benefit dance concert with 100% of the proceeds going to a local youth-based charity, performs a free matinee performance for over 1,000 underprivileged children at the Orpheum Theatre, provides dance scholarships for those with financial needs, as well as many other activities. As with many non-profits, the money we bring in from our membership and ticket sales does not cover the cost of our operations. As a result, we are reliant on fundraising activities to continue funding our operations and providing services to the community. Your support of our fundraising activities is critical to our success, and to ensuring our ability to keep providing our community-based programs, scholarships, and the development of our members not only as dancers but as well rounded members of our community. To learn more about our performances, our community-based programs, or how to assist with fundraising, please visit our website